ICOM SHF antennas AH-24, AH-56 and AH-100 – a shame for ICOM

Together with the new IC-905 ICOM introduced 3 omnidirectional antennas that are offered as accessories. In the common datasheet for all 3 antennas they are described as „collinear antenna“. Not a single word about the polarization. Collinear doesn’t necessarily mean vertical – it can be horizontal as well.

It can be assumed (especially since the price is that high) that these SHF antennas are horizontally polarized – otherwise they would be almost useless as the whole world operates with horizontal polarization on those bands (beacons, ATV, SSB/CW activity and even rare FM repeaters).
Before I bought these 3 antennas I searched the internet with a statement on the ICOM UK website
(for example here: https://icomuk.co.uk/AH-24-2400-MHz-Band-Collinear-Antenna/4160/1514/41/) „horizontally polarized omnidirectional antenna“.

I finally mounted and connected everything and was already excited how the reception of our local ATV repeater and several beacons nearby will be heard. ZERO.

After hours of unsuccessful investigation I came up to the idea that the only option was that the antennas have vertical polarization. And that’s exactly how it was. After a little more intensive search I read the datasheet of the AH-109PB that is also offered as accessory for the IC-905. And lo and behold there is written that it has vertical polarization. One assumes that it is „compatible“ with the omnidirectional antenna they can only be vertical.

Vertical omnidirectional antennas suitable for outdoor use for the 13cm and 6cm band with this or even more gain can be found everywhere on the internet for less than 20$ – so I have absolutely no idea what ICOM was thinking when they brought this completely overpriced junk in a beautiful case onto the market.

Dear ICOM: who the hell operates with vertical polarization on those bands??? Even in Japan every use case on 2,4GHz and above is 99% horizontal!

I guess that many dealers will have serious problems with their customers since it goes without saying that they should be horizontal…

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Datum: Dienstag, 8. August 2023 22:05